I'm in a great mood thanks…

Okay, actually not. I’m actually pissier than I’ve been in a long time. Just a lot of crappy events lead to this mood. Among them:

  • My cable internet going out around Thursday night
  • Calling on Saturday morning to get it fixed
  • Having them tell me they can’t get someone to my house until TUESDAY…
  • Having said installer say that the problem was our fault for a faulty end crimp on a cable coming into our house when that crimp was done by the last installer…years ago. Grrrrr…
  • THEN, Friday afternoon I find out that someone used software raid on two new servers I set up because “the raid controller was on backorder, so I decided to go without it.” No, I don’t think so. Now I have to redo those two servers… GAHHHHHHHHH
  • An end-user bitching at ME because HIS department is not fully using calendaring and scheduling, despite the fact that I have A. written up the directions B. Sent them to everyone AND posted them on the intranet. C. Sent an email to everyone involved saying I would personally set up their group calendars, and calendar viewing permissions. He wants me just to give everyone access to view everyone’s calendar detail…by default. Grrrrrrrr….
  • I got a new toy, only to not be able to use most of its functionality due to the LACK OF AN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!
  • Oh… both my fantasy football teams lost. By a LOT. May mean that I just barely got knocked out of playoff (and money) contention
  • I was SUPPOSED to work from home today… but couldn’t because there was no internet connection this morning.
  • I decide to go to work, only to have a flat tire on the way to the train station

Not a good confluence of events to say the least. Next post will deal with how I’m hopelessly addicted to an internet connection, the lack of which causes me much consternation.