Anyone using BES 4.0 with Domino 7.0 yet?

Quick question:  Is anyone using Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.0 with Domino 7.0 servers yet?  This is one of the big things that need to work before I can move us over to Domino 7.  Our application domain is on Domino 7 (and has been *in production* since Beta 3) but our email servers are all still 6.5.4.

I’m even happy keeping the Blackberry server itself in the ND6 range as long as I can upgrade all of the mail servers to 7.

I know that 4.1 of BES will fully support Domino 7, but that doesn’t drop until the end of November, and I would hate to have to wait that long.  Anyway, we’re running on BES 4.0 SP2 and working wonderfully, but I’m still hesitant to make a switch.

I’m going to look into figuring out a way to test this, but I would feel MUCH more comfortable if one of you astute readers has already accomplished this without problems.

Anyway, please comment here, or send me an email at greyhawk68 AT gmail DOT com.  Thanks!