Got Urine?

Urine Gone!

There I was, minding my own business watching Iron Chef America over the weekend, when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a brilliant advertisement for Urine Gone! Yes, I was watching a cooking show, and got an ad for a product that helps you remove those pesky urine stains and smells. Yum.

First, the fact that there is a product called Urine Gone is hilarious to me. Secondly, the commercial was SO bad that I had to laugh. They use a blacklight throughout the commercial to show urine, and to show it disappearing with a pull of the trigger. Kinda like the Va-poo-rize product in Envy.

Now the thing that REALLY got me was when they stated that you could remove urine from the following surfaces: Wood, Tile, Concrete, BLOOD, FECES and um, organic matter. SO, for those times that you want to remove that pesky urine smell from your blood stains, or from your pile of feces, Urine Gone is the product for you.

Just think, someone right now is a millionaire because of this thing…