Radio Silence

Sorry that it’s been fairly quiet around here as of late. I find myself really busy, well at least when I’m not busy relaxing on my deck that is 🙂

There was 4th of July weekend (where I spent a lot of time outdoors, and at the hospital) then the weekend after that we had one of our best friends in town, so we partied with her (more time on the deck) and it’s been warm, so we’ve had the girls swimming in our little pool a bunch (also on the deck.) Needless to say, when I’m on the deck, I’m not typing.

Add a Workplace Services Express 2.5 installation, ND7 Beta 4, and three articles due next week (one for DominoPower and two for ConnectedPhotographer) and I’ve been hella busy.

Oh yeah, I finished reading Terminal by Brian Keene which was taking up a lot of my train ride, and I’ve also been getting into some podcast listening. You see the train was a haven for blogging. Now I’ve been finding other uses for that hour and a half a day 🙂

No worries though. I will be back with thoughts on pretty much all of the above trickling from my keyboard soon. Stay tuned!