I'm sorry, I was wrong, Kevin Fox didn't kill his daughter


Last year, I wrote a pretty vitriolic piece attacking Kevin Fox. To refresh your memory, Kevin was accused of, and confessed on video to, accidentally killing his three year old daughter Riley and then sexually assaulting her to cover it up. I said he deserved the death penalty and I would be happy pulling the switch.

DNA evidence finally came back from the semen samples. It didn’t match. Not Kevin, nor anyone from his, or his wife’s family.

So obviously, the district attorney released Kevin Fox from jail (over Father’s Day weekend nonetheless) and he’s now a free man.

Ever since I heard the news, I’ve felt uneasy. On one hand, I called for the death of this man. For that, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. Don’t be confused however, I still feel that the killer should die. It’s just that Kevin isn’t the killer. Obviously, it’s not good for the karma to be wishing death upon anyone, much less an innocent man. And there is one thing I totally agree with the family on. It shouldn’t take nearly a year for DNA evidence to be returned. That is unacceptable. I did feel bad for the family on that one.

But, the more I thought about things, the more angry I’ve become. Everybody in the media is fawning over him because he was falsely imprisoned, I don’t think he deserves such a free ride.

You see Kevin confessed to the crime. He said, on video, that he accidentally killed his child and in a panic, sexually assaulted her and dumped her in a river to cover his tracks and make it look like someone else had done it.

Think about that for a second. Every one of you that’s a parent, think about that statement.

He confessed, on video, to killing his daughter and then sexually assaulting her (which we could only assume was post-mortem if he had accidentally killed her) and then dumping her in a river. Semen was found in the body, so if you believed the confession, after killing his child, we can only assume he was able to get an erection, defile the corpse, and leave his semen.

Now his lawyers and his family say this was all coerced and coached out of him. Now go back and read that last graphic paragraph, let the weight of it sink in. Would you, or could you as a parent, EVER fathom making that statement? Could you ever agree to that?

I don’t care how long you ask me questions, how long you berate me, how much you threaten me with prison rape or how much I am grieving. I would NEVER admit to something so heinous, and so disgusting.

Next, during his 14 hour “ordeal” at the police station, authorities have said that he never asked for a lawyer.

Think about that.

How many of you have seen some sort of cop or law show? NYPD Blue? Any one of the 53 variations of Law & Order? How about the CSI’s? Jag? I think everyone knows that you don’t talk to the police without your lawyer present.

If they called me in for questioning I would simply say “not without my lawyer present.” If they told me the lawyer wasn’t necessary, I would basically tell them to go fuck themselves, and unless they were putting me under arrest, I would leave. I simply wouldn’t go through 14 hours of questioning without calling for a lawyer.

So, for one, he was too much of an idiot for not asking for a lawyer. Even if he DID ask for a lawyer (the family has claimed that he repeatedly asked for his Dad for the purpose of getting him a lawyer), and they wouldn’t let him get one, he’s an idiot for answering ANY of their questions without a lawyer present.

Next, he was weak. Weak enough to admit to killing his child, having the ability to get an erection and ejaculate inside her corpse, and dumping her in the river. All because some mean men bullied him for 14 hours, when he was without his lawyer. Because once again, he didn’t ask for one. And even if he did, he answered questions anyway without one present.

So now, Kevin has spent the better part of this last year behind bars, himself and his family proclaiming his innocence. There’s been no more investigation. Until now.

So not only did Kevin get himself incarcerated for nearly a year, he also let the trail of his daughter’s killer get cold for a year. His idiocy and weakness may have caused the real killer to get away, while putting himself behind bars.

Since we are in sue-happy America, the civil lawsuit is pending. They are going to be asking for a LOT of money. But can you really blame the people that put him behind bars? He confessed, to something that no parent would ever confess to. With a videotaped confession, the judge had no choice but to put him behind bars. The police had no choice but to stop the investigation. They got their man.

But no. Kevin was too stupid to get his lawyer, and too weak not to be coerced into confessing something that no parent would ever confess. Now it cost him nearly a year behind bars, and may have cost him ever finding out who the real killer was. And he’ll get money for it. A lot of money.

Kevin Fox didn’t kill his daughter, but in this whole thing, he’s not exactly innocent.