I am resolute!

Well it’s a couple of days late, but it’s time to outline my new resolutions for 2005. I only completed about half last year, so let’s see if we can do better.

1. Lose thirty pounds from my current weight. I’m going on a vacation this year where there will be sand and beaches and swim-up bars and the like. 30 less pounds on this frame will make me look a little more human on the beach. So yes, I DO have a target weight, not just a lose 30 pounds (after I gain 30 pounds) resolution.

2. Update my personal and business websites. My personal website, and my single-person consultancy website have both suffered over the last couple of years. They are terribly outdated, so I need to re-do them and utilize all the skills that I’ve obtained since I started them.

3. Learn Workplace. My company wants to dip their feet into Workplace, and I really want to learn it to be prepared for the future of Notes on the Rich Client. This is a biggie.

4. Update my Lotus development cert to ND6. I’d also like to get one additional certification, possibly a CIW.

5. Write at least two published articles. I’ve written for DominoPower and ConnectedPhotographer several times in the past, and it would be nice to get a few more articles under my belt. Maybe even step up to places like SearchDomino or ePro.

6. Get most of my photos onto Flickr.com. Flickr gets more powerful the more you use it. If I get everything uploaded into the site and tagged, my collection becomes infinitely more usable, shareable, and powerful.

7. Digitize most of my music library. I’ve been slowly ripping all of my CD collection into MP3’s. I have a couple thousand to go, and I want to be able to get rid of my big CD megachangers. The quicker I do this, the more flexible my library becomes!

8. Try to learn and work with new technology twice a month. Last year my resolution was to try to learn something new once a week. So I’ve scaled back to half that, and lets hope that I can keep up my end of the bargain there. My brain needs to learn new things otherwise I get bored. Time to squash boredom once and for all.

Well, that looks like it. I’m going to continue to let my family know that I love them. That’s a given, so no need for a resolution to make that happen. Good Luck to myself and good luck to you all!