Surprising things about Greyhawk68

Rocky has a great post about personal things most of his readers wouldn’t know about him. The Captain followed suit with his as well. So, I figured, ‘What the Hell!’ So here are mine:

1. I used to be in radio. I worked at a 100,000 watt classic rock station for most of my college years. I mainly did overnights and weekends, but also worked as a copy writer (commercial writing and producing) and was the regular evening DJ for about a semester. Aside from that I worked for the college radio station the entire time I was in college and I jocked, was the music director for the heavy metal show, produced most of the commercials, sold most of the airtime and was even the Station Manager for a couple of years. I miss the fun sometimes, but I don’t miss the (lack of) stability and pay.

2. I used to have long hair. At one point in college my bleached blond locks reached all the way down to the middle of my back. Then, one year, I got frustrated with it and got it all cut off except for a tail that I mainly kept braided. I let it grow long again before the birth of my first daughter and had it in a ponytail at that time. I’m back to a somewhat military cut now and it is a LOT less maintenance.

3. I used to be the lead singer of a rock band. Okay, it wasn’t a really big deal, and we only really performed once, but it was fun nonetheless. I don’t have a perfect voice, but I could carry most rock tunes pretty well.

4. I was also a snake owner. In college I had a three foot ball python and a six foot burmese python which I had raised from a baby. After college it was hard to convince parents and fiance to let me keep them 🙁

5. Much like Rob, I was also in the fast food industry in high school. My story is a little different however because I became a manager for a Hardee’s when I was only seventeen. I had only a couple of classes needed to graduate in the second semester of my senior year, so I had late arrival and early dismissal from school. That gave me time to be a full-time manager of a brand new store. Retail fast-food doesn’t give a crap about its employee’s which I learned. I gave up baseball and drama club stuff for the franchise and got basically nothing in return… Ugh.

6. Speaking of drama club, I was president of both the speech and drama clubs in high school. At one point I went to All-State in both Dramatic and Improvisational acting. I was one of only 30 students in the entire state of Iowa to go in two categories in the same year. And I echo what both Rob and Rocky have said. You have MANY opportunites for female companionship when you join drama or speech. 🙂

7. Last One. I was a male cheerleader in high school. Give me all the crap you want, but I held the most beautiful girls in school up in the air by their butts. What hormone-infused male doesn’t wanna do that? I also dated head cheerleaders from two other schools… so, it served me well 🙂

How about your secrets???