Regime Change Guide launches

I wanted to tell you all a quick story about a friend of mine named Deanna. You see, Deanna worked with me at my last job, and she was a cool web designer/flash author/FileMaker Pro whiz. She had a good, steady, secure, decent paying job in New York.

Several months ago, she quit. She wanted to devote all of her time to making sure George W. Bush gets voted out of office. She’s written articles, performed research, demonstrated against the war, and most importantly has created the Regime Change Guide – What you can actually do to defeat Bush. She’s not exactly making money on this either. She’s dedicated herself to eating ramen and living month to month in order to support her beliefs.

This is something that I have a lot of respect for. To believe in something so passionately to devote yourself to it in such a way is amazing to me, and not something that I think I would have the balls to do. I’m very proud of Deanna and I think the site she designed turned out incredibly well. Check it out.

Now before you think I’m a total Bush basher, please know that I voted for him in the last election. I was also for the war, I think Saddam needed to be removed because he himself was a terrorist. All that aside, Bush has done many things to alienate me, a person who supported him 3 and a half years ago. So don’t condemn me either way. All I ask of you is that you have an opinion, and you follow that opinion and make your voice heard when it’s time to vote. This is no time to be indifferent.

Anyway, congrats to Deanna and the Regime Change Guide!