Moblogs are the perfect blogging addition

Moblogs or Mobile Blogs are starting to become pretty pervasive. You can find sites like Text America or BuzzNet that will cater to all your moblogging needs. Once again, a quick recap is that mobile blogs are basically just photo blogs that you post to via your camera phone.

I’m starting to really believe that a moblog compliments regular blogs perfectly. Now granted, a tech-only blog probably will see no benefit. But if you are a person like me who wants to chronicle their life as well as post tech articles, I think it works.

On days where I can’t post, I can snap a picture of what I’m busy doing, or what interesting thing happens to be going on. It also is nice to compliment certain posts with a picture. The old saying of a picture is worth a thousand words really does apply. I’m not sure that moblogs can stand on their own, primarily because pictures from a camera phone are of such bad quality. But using them in addition to a regular blog seems to be a perfect fit. And since you can also have RSS feeds of the pictures, you can use a newsreader as well. I encourage you to check out moblogging resources, and start one for yourself. I’m looking forward to “seeing” you.