War Of The Words

When I posted over on LND Central about the PC Magazine article, I used the word “shittier” in the posting. Now this raised the ire of a reader who replied that I should post without profanity. I respect the fact that he doesn’t want to read that on a public forum as such, but I guess I want to know what everyone thinks about profanity, and profanity in posts in general.

Now I DO NOT want this to turn into people defending what I did, or attacking what I did. I just want to know what everyone thinks IS and IS NOT acceptable.

For example, “shittier” to me is no big deal. In fact (as I pointed out over on LND Central) shit has become a mainstream enough word that it’s been said on broadcast TV without repercussions now. South Park even aired an episode that said the word 162 times. Granted, that was before the whole Janet Jackson backlash, but I guess I really want to know what you all think.

Personally I don’t think you should cuss in front of kids, or in mixed company where you don’t know everyone that well. But amongst friends, or even in certain texts I don’t see a big deal. To me these things are all just words, and we give too much power to individual words. They do convey a more sharp meaning, but is “shittier” really that much worse than “crappier?”

I don’t know. The poster basically stated that he would never hire someone that used profanity on an online forum. As I had done so, I guess that means he wouldn’t hire me as well. Is that really what most people think? Would you disregard all of my previous work experience due to the utterance of one word in a public post?

Once again, I really am curious, and I would love to see a healthy debate. Please let me know your thoughts, respectfully please. 🙂