Offshore Outsourcing. Oposing views in PC Magazine

In the May 18th issue of PC Magazine, the Forward Thinking column by Michael J. Miller talks about the benefits of offshore outsourcing. Here’s a quote:

“Interestingly, Global Insight says that rather than reducing the number of jobs in the U.S. offshoring is lowering costs for everyone and actually creating jobs, thanks to a more efficient economy.”

Personally, I see that as one of the biggest lies we are hearing about this sort of thing. Taking away jobs may create new ones, they’ll just be shittier lower paying ones. That does nothing for the workers who have toiled for years to get where they are, only to be downsized.

In the same issue, John C. Dvorak (who I don’t always agree with) takes huge issue with offshoring in his piece entitled “Scams, Lies, Deceit and Offshoring” Here’s a piece:

“This is a bait-and-swith scheme that is designed to screw older and more experienced workers out of their retirement benefits, plain and simple.”

I couldn’t agree more. I may be more bitter than most, being recently downsized myself, but to me, corporations sending jobs overseas hurts us all. Mr. Dvorak seems to agree:

“Although I appreciate some aspects of globalization, I can’t excuse the cavalier attitude toward fellow Americans that we see among large corporations who benefit from the free-enterprise system and the American infrastructure. It will come back to haunt them all.”

Amen. Make sure you check out PC Magazine for both sides to the story. I’ve posted this on LNDCentral, so please comment over there if you would like to.