Rest In Peace Pip

Well, my month keeps getting better. I went down to my home office on Saturday morning to clean the ferret litter. During the process, my female sable, Pip, would always harass me until I had to put her in her exercise ball. Well, when I started cleaning, she never came to visit. I figured she was just sleeping as she was cuddled up in her little bed. But, when she never woke up the entire time I was working, I knew that something was up.

I checked her out, and sure enough, she had passed away. It looks as though she had just died peacefully in her sleep, so that’s the most I could hope for. One of my previous males had a long bout with a disease that made him lose his hair. He suffered for awhile too. It wasn’t nice. At least Pip died happily I guess.

I just feel bad for Tweak. He’s our male, and has never been alone. He’s always had Pip as a companion since he was a little kit. He’s moping around quite a bit now, and it’s sad. Hopefully he’ll snap out of it and get back to his boisterous self.

In all, I know this isn’t a major thing in the grand scheme of life, but I’ll miss her nonetheless. Rest In Peace Pip.