The Lotus Notes Conspiracy

Okay, sometimes I am just amazed at some people. Chris Pirillo runs a tech site called LockerGnome. He also used to be a host on Tech TV’s Call For Help. Anyway, on his site, he’s had several users complain that the LockerGnome email newsletters don’t render properly in the R6 and 6.5 Notes Client. So, what does Chris suggest? Don’t use Notes. You can read his rant here, but this guy lost any credibility he’s ever had with me.

Here’s a quote:

I do, indeed, have a fix for the Lotus Notes rendering problem: stop using Lotus Notes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the backend may be supreme champion of the intranet universe, but the frontend (read: UI) is anything but user friendly. Stop it, drop it!

It’s true that the client sometimes has some buggy behavior on HTML, but most of the time it’s badly formed HTML. To completely disregard the tens of millions of Notes users is idiotic in my book. What do you all think, is Pirillo an idiot, or is he right? Personally I’d like to see Ed Brill and Alan get a hold of him!