Scrub Your Stubs and Flog the Bloggers

Sorry for the radio silence the last couple of days. After Wednesday, I got a cold, was packed with stuff to do in sessions on Thursday, spent Thursday evening with the fam in Disney, and then Friday had to fly back to Chicago. It wasn’t fun to hear on the plane “Thanks for flying with us, we should be in Chicago in about two hours. Current temperature, negative four degrees.” NEGATIVE four… Ugh. That wasn’t Celsius either!

Anyway, to continue on my Lotusphere coverage, my final session on Wed. was with Tom Duff and Joe Litton. Their Java for Domino developers was a great session. For first time presenters, they were excellent. Lots of energy, funny, and they even had great content, imagine that. They talked about Stubbing your Lotuscript and then scrubbing it to make it Java. Basically cutting and pasting all of your Lotuscript in as comments and using it as your Java basis, it was cool. Duffbert even got wet for the cause by pelting himself with a glass of water for effect at one point. It was a great session. Congrats go out to the guys.

After that is was a little time to relax, and then off to Universal Studios. A bunch of the blogging contingent got together and we traversed in the buses and then unleashed ourselves upon Universal. We had a great time. I do have to say, Declan seemed to have the most fun. It was a little better than Lotusphere Berlin huh Dec? After hitting four rides and eating, the night was over. But the last ride was the most memorable. It was Shrek 4-D.

Now Shrek 4-D is a 3D plus effects type ride, but initially you are placed in a holding cell waiting to go in. During this time, the Universal-bot goes on about how you are in the dungeon and will receive the wrath of Farquardt once you enter. As he was going on about his rant, he mentioned about how we could be flogged for being bad. Well the Domino crowd had a good time with that one. Every time he mentioned flogging, the crowd would cheer. It got to the point where the Universal-bot actually broke character and started laughing his way through the rest of the speech. It culminated with the whole crowd chanting FLOGGING, FLOGGING, FLOGGING. Of course Bruce and I turned to each other and chanted BLOGGING. Yes, we’re geeks!

Anyway, that was a fine end to the evening at Universal, and a bunch of us wandered back to the hotel for more drinks and conversation. Stayed up talking to Jonvon, Ben L, Julian, Melissa, Dan and The Captain. A good time was had by all. At about 1:30 AM, they actually turned ON lights at the Dolphin to get us to scatter like cockroaches. Well it worked. At that point I headed to bed.