More BLAH's…

As you can see by Rob’s blog, many of us bloggers are presenting our best and worst awards for various things at Lotusphere. They are being termed the BLAH’s (Blogger Lotusphere Awards Honorarium) Very clever, did you come up with that Rob? Anyway, here are mine…

Change your damn shirt award
This goes to Sherpa software. The propeller beanie has existed for at least one Sphere if not two now. I’m sure you have new stuff in your software, so mix it up a bit in the presentation of your hats, please!

Best Giveaway Representation of a Company
Wild Bill and Centric for giving away very good whisky. If that doesn’t sum up their creative fuel, I’m not sure what does. Um, especially for Paul! 🙂

Most Confusing Names
Centric and In-Centric. Both companies at the showcase, both with very different products. Add to that the fact that goes to a completely different company altogether and it makes my head hurt.

Best Integration with MS
Instant Technologies. Not just because I kinda know Carl and Peyton, and NOT just because I was an early beta tester, but because it is just a damn good set of products that keep getting better. Check out the integration they do if you use Outlook or Office. Integrating presence awareness and IM in those situations has never been easier.

Worst Planning Ever!
This goes to the people running the wireless network that thought 1000 IP Addresses would be enough. My god, you have over 6000 geeks in a confined space, all with gadgets that have internet connectivity and people who want to BLOG damnit. How you ever thought that was enough is beyond me…