Monday in Review

Well yesterday was nice albeit a little underwhelming when it came to the technology announcements. There was nothing of REALLY huge impact. Most of it was stuff that we as Notes geeks already knew. I hit the Notes and Domino futures session, the 6.51 and beyond of the client, and the 6.51 and beyond of admin. Since we’re already on 6.5 at work, a lot of the stuff they showed were 6.5 features that I had drooled about previously, so yesterday it was like Eh? Especially the Admin session, it was a lot of slideware… Once again the best thing was the continued commitment to Notes/Domino brand through AT LEAST version 8.0 where everything is going to converge with Notes and the Workplace Rich Client. I think what they are really doing is Java-fying the Notes client as much as possible by then, so porting apps to Workplace will be easier. I guess we’ll see!