"There's no L in Tequila!"

Thought I would have a few minutes here to do the Sunday Night bash some justice. As always there was a ton of food, but not nearly the selection of years past. That’s okay, a good chili dog is still a good chili dog no matter how you cut it. But as you should all be aware, you don’t go to the Sunday night thing for the food, you go for the people. And there were a ton. We had our own little blogger gathering and I got to meet some really cool people and finally put faces with the names. I got to meet some of the fine people that didn’t make it to the Turtle’s party, or didn’t last very long there… Ray Bilyk (The Lion King), Tom Nichols (Tom’s Rant), John Vaughn (jonvon.net), Jon’s chat buddy Josh, John Head and Jim from PSC Group, Teri, Andrew and many other folks that read the blogs.

I still have YET to run onto Rocky, folks tell me it’s because he’s too short to see in the crowd 🙂

Anyway, after the Lotus party a bunch of us headed back up to the Dolphin lobby bar and proceded to enhance the alcohol content a little bit. I was introduced to an interesting concoction of Red Bull and Jagermeister by Teri, and man is it GOOD! It’s become my Sphere drink of choice. It was also a VERY quotable evening, but I’ll keep them to myself to protect the “not-so-innocent.” 🙂

Also a big thanks to Tom N. as he was a round buying machine. You really should have let us buy a few man! I mean REALLY! Also, contact one of us and let us know you are alive! We were looking for you all day yesterday…