The obligatory pics / Why you shouldn't drink with Scotsmen

Well folks, as many of you in the blogging community are doing, I’ve decided to post some pictures so you could figure out who I am and accost me at the Sphere. I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone however and relay a story.

This story is to tell you of the generosity of one Wild Bill Buchan. You see, every year, Turtle of Gonzo Lotusphere fame hosts a party on Saturday night to kick off Lotusphere in grand fashion. Bill (and his company) decided to partly sponsor the party last year. As he was paying, he wanted to make sure that you weren’t thirsty. So, whenever your glass would start to look like it was getting empty, Bill and his band of merry men would fill you up. Sometimes they would even hand you a second beer so your other hand wouldn’t get lonely. This is a grand thing, unless you of course try to keep pace with the wild ones. This I did. I drank heartily, and had a wonderful time. I then staggered back to my hotel room and passed out. I awoke the next morning to a swarm of woodpeckers living within my skull and the previous night’s beverages desperately looking for a way OUT of my body. The sickness I lived through while checking out JumpStart sessions was amazing. I swore never to do it again, until of course this Gonzo party!

The moral of the story, if you drink with Scotsmen, do not, I repeat do NOT think you can keep up. You can’t. It’s that simple.

So, on to the pictures*. The first one is of Wild Bill, Myself, and Gary Devendorf. The second is of me, the Scotsmen, and Wes.

Here’s looking forward to some more delightful debauchery this coming Saturday!

* I snagged the pictures from Turtle’s Gonzo site. I just did it for speed purposes. If anyone has any problems with me posting the photos, please let me know.