Studio Blog Reader 1.0 at Lotusphere

Lance Spellman of Workflow Studios just posted on his blog that they are releasing a Domino Based RSS Reader! They will be exhibiting at the Sphere and giving away CD’s of the reader software. Some stuff that makes this REALLY cool are the typical Domino attributes. Basically you could have a central RSS database that people could replicate. So you could aggregate feeds for a workgroup or divsion and allow people to replicate them locally to read offline. This is an excellent thought, and hopefully it will be a great tool. Lance assures us that it will always be free as well. They’ll be at booth 819, so check them out!

Also, Lance is looking to put together an aggregated feed of all Lotusphere bloggers, so that people can check out one feed to get all of their Lotusphere information in one place. If you are going to be at Lotusphere and blogging about it, please let Lance know.