Dolphins name Dan Marino Senior VP of Football Operations!

Well I’m a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan and have been all my life. Today the Dolphins announced that after an extensive GM search, that Dan Marino would be named the Senior VP of Football Operations, and Rick Spielman (the former SVP) would become the GM in charge of player/personnel. As a Dolphin fan, I’m thrilled about this. First, I like Dave Wannestadt as a coach, but I don’t think he has good skills at evaluating talent. I always think that this has been his downfall. Now that goes to Spielman and Marino and it leaves Wanny to coach. I think this is a good thing.

The interesting thing about this whole deal is that Marino was basically forced to retire because of lack of Wannestadt’s support. So, Wanny basically forced Marino out of football, and now Marino is his boss. I absolutely love it. Secondly, Dan has always said that Jay Fieldler is not the Dolphins answer at QB. I have ALWAYS agreed with this. Jay’s inferior arm strength and accuracy, along with his penchant for making mistakes at the absolute worst time possible, makes him a bad QB, and not one that most Dolphin fans have any real love for. So now, Marino has the ultimate say over the QB position and over the guy that replaced him four years ago.

This is an interesting soap opera, but I think the main things that will come of this is that the team will get better, and Fiedler will get the axe. That will make me a very happy Dolfan!