Blogsphere CSS Help

Hey folks, I wonder if any of you can help with a solution for me. If you look at my page I use CSS to have the effect of the green background with white text whenever you hover over links. This is working everywhere but in the story bodies themselves. There you will get the green hover effect, but the text remains blue. This happened in the calendar too and I had to add a custom tag in the CSS document and put that into the HTML code field as well. It’s below.  

.calendar a:hover   {color           : #ffffff;
text-decoration : none;
background-color : green

Since it fixed it so easily, I figure that it HAD to be that easy to do it for the stories themselves. So I’ve now added the hover on pretty much every .Story tag there is, and I can’t seem to get it to take. Anyone run into this or know WHICH CSS element I have to add hover to to get this to work? Any help would be appreciated.