New Year's Resolutions

Well, now that it is 2004, it’s time to look at what would be good resolutions for the coming year.  I have a few major ones, in no certain order:

1.  Lose 20 more pounds.  In 2003, I lost 20 pounds around mid-year and kept it off, even through the holidays.  I feel a lot better, my clothes fit better and I do have more energy.  But 20 pounds more will really do good things for me.  I’m giving myself a whole year to reach the new milestone, and I think I can do it.  Although I don’t think I’ll watch my figure too much during Lotusphere!  🙂

2.  Spend one night a week focusing on learning new technology.   The problem I’ve had these past couple of years is that I’m either too tired or too busy to really concentrate on learning a lot of new stuff when I get home from work.   I know a little Java, a little about XML, a little about Linux, a little Flash, but I really need to expand and learn more.  One night a week I am going to devote to learning something new.

3.  Write more.   I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve stagnated a little in the past couple of years.  That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  It was to get the juices flowing and get me writing more frequently.  Well it has surely helped, and garnered me a couple of articles.  An upcoming domino blogging article in DominoPower (to complement Tom Duff’s series) and a software review for ConnectedPhotographer.  I hope to keep that going.

4.  Take more photos.   I’ve invested in a good digital-SLR camera.  I need to start honing my photography craft.  The more pictures I take, the better I’ll get.  

5.  Let my family know I love them.  I already do this, but with the uncertainty in this world, you can never tell your family and friends enough about how much you love them.  In an instant they (or you) could be gone.  So make every moment count.  Tell your family what they mean to you.  Hug your kids.  It’s never too much.

6.  Post regularly on this blog, and make it count.  I’m not going to be one of those folks whose blog falls by the wayside.  I’m going to post often, and make it be something worthwhile to read or to at least spur discussion.

How about your resolutions?   Trackback in the comments and let me know what you are resolving to do in the new year!