2003 through the rear view mirror

As many do this time of year, I want to use my blog to reflect on the year that was.  A lot happened this year.

  • I became a father for the second time  
  • I watched my youngest daughter grow from a baby to an articulate toddler  
  • I had the same job, but went through five different bosses  
  • I started this blog  
  • My dog’s daughter passed away  
  • Two of my best friends found out they were pregnant  
  • The space shuttle blew up, and a friend of mine had the unenviable task of investigating it
  • We went to war with Iraq  
  • Johnny Cash and John Ritter died  
  • iTunes was released for Windows  
  • I made tons of friends through this medium  
  • Digital SLR’s broke the $1000 barrier  
  • My Miami Dolphins missed the playoffs a second straight season (with a 10-6 record nonetheless)

I know there’s more, but this was more of an interesting look back.  Some good, some bad, but all interesting.  Every year that myself and my family are alive is a good year.  Thanks 2003.