Hey, wanna see my 73 inches?

Wow, it’s been two weeks since I last wrote. Time sure does fly during the Holidays. For the most part things have been good. We visited my parents and got to see my extended family on the Roling side as well. I have a ton of cousins, and it’s always fun to get us all together. During that same trip I also drove to Minnesota with my friend Tim and went to the Dolphins – Vikings game. Needless to say, an 11 hour round trip gained me the ability to watch my Dolphins lose to the Vikes. A win would have them winning the division, but instead this week we have to go to the home of the defending Super Bowl champions. If we beat them, we are in the playoffs. We lose, and we might not even make it. That just doesn’t happen in the Dolphin’s world… I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

As for the weight, I went off any dieting completely. The main reason was an upcoming bet with my boss Denis. We are both weighing ourselves on the morning of January 2nd, 2003. We will then weight ourselves again on June 13th, 2003 (Denis’ birthday.) Whoever loses the most weight wins and the other guy has to pay a dollar a pound of the difference. It’ll be nice to have additional motivation. Anyway, because of the bet, I figured I could then indulge in all the holiday foods. Nice excuse, but come January 2nd. Operation new man rides again.

The only bad thing this season was the influx of the flu that hit my family hard a couple of days ago. Completely destroyed my wife, myself, my mother-in-law, our best friends, and even Kali wasn’t herself. It was nasty alright, and another reminder that I should get a damn flu shot every year.

As for loot, we got lots of cool stuff, but the major coup de grace is the 73″ big-screen TV my wife bought for me. VERY COOL. Although this means we’re moving the old TV to the basement and making it into a family room/office. For the most part that would be cool, but I HATE moving stuff, and the thought of hauling all of this computer equipment downstairs does not appeal to me. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’m back, and I’ll talk to you again soon!