Goodbye Keesha

Well it came to pass. Keesha did indeed have cancer and we had to have her put to sleep. It was very hard for my wife, and although I knew it would be hard for me, it hit me worse than I thought it would. I still don’t think that Shadow or Fridge know what has happened, they seem sad, but jump up every time the door opens expecting Keesha to come back. It breaks my heart every time. It was best for Keesha though. She was in pain, having a hard time walking, and was not eating. As hard as it was, it was time.

On the good news front, only four more days until Christmas vacation for my family. Should be nice. Nice to get away from the office and get a little sanity back. And, to see Kali enjoying her extended family and all the festivities will be awesome. Life truly is good. You have to stop and look at it that way sometimes. If you don’t, you might not realize how good you’ve got it.