2015 Year in Review

Every year, I go back and look at my resolutions and see how I did.  Let’s take a look once again.

Get Healthier

On this I think I did pretty well overall.  That curve on my weight chart keeps going down, but I’m not totally where I want to be yet.  I did it mainly through what I ate.  What I really need to do is actually commit to exercising.  But I feel pretty good about this one.

Do more with my Photography

I pretty much failed miserably at this again.  I barely took the DLSR out this year, and primarily took pictures with the iPhone.  Nothing wrong with that, as it’s always with you, and it does take some damn good photos.  I just never did all I wanted to do in Lightroom by cleaning up my catalog, and I never just took pictures for the love of the art.  I’ll try to do more this upcoming year.  One thing that was really cool though was Google Photos.  Basically everything I take gets uploaded to Google, and it does some magic sometimes, and is easily searchable.  So that was nice new addition.

Write more again

Fail. Fail. Fail.  I do a ton on Facebook, and was less prevalent on Twitter this year.  That said, I wanted to do more long form stuff, and other than what I wrote about Lotusphere and the Apple Watch, not much got done.  I need to get back to that.


I learned a lot this year, just not in the way I had planned.  It was more about patience, how to be humble, and how to deal with adversity than anything fun.  That needs to change.

Work/Life Balance

I had a really rough year this year.  A lot of anxiety, a lot of change, and my stress levels were through the roof.  So at times I think I failed miserably at this, but despite how rough it was overall, I think I did pretty well.  I still let the family know how much I love them, and I didn’t let work get in the way of major family milestones. 

Be Kind

I feel, and hope, that people around me feel I did well on this.  It’s been hard, with all the divisiveness in the world to not want to lash out.  That said, I have tried hard not to engage in arguments, and tried hard to ignore things that would really make me angry at people I know.  I’ve really tried to be nice to my fellow humans and keep things positive.  It was hard, really hard this year with all the stuff I’ve been dealing with, but because of this resolution, I think I’ve come out better on the other end.  The simple words of Be Kind can make everyone’s life better, and I’ll continue to keep trying.

As for the world, it’s gotten even worse since 2014.  Here’s hoping that 2016 will see some more healing and less vitriol.  Let’s all work to make that happen.