Old friends and bi-curious computing

Well I did make it to the gym on Monday morning and it actually worked well. Being able to get some exercise in before work was kind of nice. The heath club was less crowded and since I went to work directly afterwards and was moving around all day, I was less sore. I used to go after work and I would come home, veg a bit and go to bed. I think that made me more sore in the long run. I’m going to hit the gym again tomorrow morning, and I hope to make this more of a habit than it has been in the past.

In other news, I got in contact with an old friend from college. Her name is Ericka and we were buddies in the TV department at NMSU. It was nice to hear from her, and we actually spent like 3 hours chatting on AIM last night. Her husband Eric (whom I also know from the old college days) is in a similar job to mine, and they have a 20 month old daughter named Keegan. So, cool couple, same general aged daughter, same general job function, it should be a nice fit to visit once in awhile.

Other than that, Microsoft is releasing Movie Maker 2, Media Player 9, and The Digital Media Plus! Pack for Windows today. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ (Apple) on this one. iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes anyone? Either way, it’s nice to see MS updating some of the free tools, even if I don’t use them. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even TRY an Apple since they now have a Unix based OS… Time will tell.