Wii will, Wii will, HURT YOU!

Well, Santa was good to our family this year and brought us the Wii. The wife and I were excited by the prospect of the Wii because we thought it was perfect for my daughters (aged 4 and 6.) Well we couldn’t have been more right, the Wii was a huge hit with the girls yesterday.

The console comes with Wii Sports bundled in. So you get Bowling, Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Boxing. And man, does boxing make an impression. We had our whole family along with Grandma and Grandpa playing everything and it was a riot. But boxing was the true workout. You dodge and punch and block your opponent in the air, and you really get winded. The funny thing about boxing was that my four year-old beat EVERYONE she played. Repeatedly. In fact, she still hasn’t lost. And trust me, after getting knocked around a couple times I tried my damnedest to beat her to no avail. It was amazing. My little girl, my little princess, simply beat the living snot out of everyone. It was pretty hilarious.

I have to say I really like the bowling too. It is the perfect type of game to showcase the motion sensing characteristics of the Wii controllers. My eldest asked the wife to play today, so the girls have been perfecting their bowling ball spin. My guess is that they are going to dominate this hard-core gamer for quite some time.

All I know is that today I hurt… bad. My arm, shoulder blades and back are all killing me. So are my cheeks, but that’s just because I can’t wipe the smile off my face!