SnTT: Bring Information into Notes with My Widgets

Okay, so I know this is only Monday, but I submitted this story to my editor last Thursday, so that counts for something!

Anyway, my latest for Intranet Journal is entitled Bring Information into Notes with My Widgets. It’s an article dedicated to the new Notes 8.0.1 feature and I give some detailed instructions on how to add a couple different kinds of Widgets to your Notes install. One of the more interesting ones is setting up a Wikipedia widget that uses Live Text to allow you to highlight a word and right-click on it to get the definition of the word in Wikipedia.

Anyway, since I did submit this last Thursday, it was before I found out about a couple neat initiatives. First, both Open NTF and the Turtle Partnership will be supporting online Widget catalogs! Make sure to check them out. Also, Yancey is covering Widgets over in a forum on So far it does seem like this feature is a hit with the community!

Anyway, please check it out and let me know what you think!

EDIT: One of the things I was disappointed in was that when you pulled in a Notes view into a sidebar, it brought along the Navigator with no choice to get rid of it. Well Dan King let me know that you can get around that by using the ?OpenView&HideNavigator command. Check out a post on the topic over at Now I have to test to see if it works if the view is associated with a frameset.