COVID Diaries Pt. 13

Master Debaters

Fly holding Biden Harris Sign
Fly holding Biden Harris Sign

Once again, a lot has happened since my last post.

First was the initial Presidential debate.  It was a complete shit show.  Dolt 45 wouldn’t shut up, kept talking over Biden, lying incessantly and trying to derail everything.  It got to the point where Biden simply said, “Will you shut up man?”

It was pretty much the most unpresidential debate in history.  Then, two days later Velvetta Voldemort tested positive for COVID.  Yes, the president had it, and was taken to Walter Reed hospital, pumped full of steroids and experimental treatments. 

He appears to have come out the other side, but they still won’t say if he’s tested negative yet. His talking points after this have been deplorable.  Basically, saying he was happy he got it, and old people shouldn’t worry, and he’s going to make the treatment free for everyone.   That is utter bullshit and he knows it.   The Regeneron treatment he received costs $100K alone and right now they only have a stockpile of about 50 thousand treatments.   A little bit short of the 300 million Americans who live here, or even the seven million who have already contracted the virus.

And where did 45 get the virus you ask?  Well it appears that it was an event the Sunday before the debate where they announced their Supreme Court nomination.  Of course, they are trying to push it through, we knew they would because they are all hypocrites.  We have every single one of them on video during the Merrick Garland nomination saying you couldn’t do it during an election year.   Now people are already voting, it’s less than a month until the election, and the hearings are starting today.

Well over a dozen attendees of that announcement have tested positive.  Many others aren’t willing to say if they have it now.  The event was outside (good) but everyone was packed in (bad) and people weren’t wearing masks (idiocy). This administration basically proved that anyone can get it and not wearing masks and gathering in large groups is fucking stupid.   None of those people needed to get sick, but here we are.

So, then there was the VP debate.  This was a little more civil, but Pence talked over his amount every single time, and went off topic over and over.  The moderator did do a good job of bringing Harris back to talk, so at the end both VP candidates had similar amounts of time. 

VP debates never turn the tide, but I think both sides got their points represented well and avoided topics neither wanted to admit to.  And then there was the fly that landed on Pence’s head.  It stayed there forever and as soon as it happened, I knew there would be memes and twitter accounts surrounding it.  I was NOT disappointed. 

After that, 45 declined to participate in the next presidential debate over video conference because “they can cut you off whenever they want.”  Yes. Yes, we could.  And it would be glorious.  But he cannot be a bully, so he’s not going to debate.   Fine by me, nothing good would come of it anyway.  If people aren’t decided by now, something is extremely wrong with that person.

Lastly, today begins the fight to get Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court.  They can do it; they have the votes.   But the hypocrisy is fully on display.  People who swore you could never do it during an election year during the Obama term are just fine with 45 doing it within a month of the election.  Of course they are.  They are assholes who never keep their word and play dirty at every turn.  Frankly, I hope the Senate puts up a fight and doesn’t confirm anyone who isn’t nominated by the next elected president.

Ahhhh hope.  It was nice to have once…