Back in the Saddle

In order to get back into the rhythm of blogging, you have to actually sit down and write.  That’s true of any writer, you just have to sometimes force yourself to put words to the page. I used to have the urge to write all the time, and that’s largely been satiated with various social media outlets, but I miss blogging.

So I refreshed the blog template with a new Parallax theme from that I like quite a bit.  It’s got some great ways to share photos, so that’s rekindled the desire to get out and focus on my photography a bit more too.  Both of these are good for my creative outlets, and I need to be more creative.  Lately the pointy hair of the day job has focused on long term goals and politics more than the joy I get from technology.  It’s not all a bad thing, just an evolution.  I just need to make sure that I don’t lose that joy, whether it be technology, writing or photography.

Out in the Man Cave tonight I put some old memories up on the wall.  My old baseball jersey from the town I grew up in, the T-shirt I designed for our college radio station, and some awesome shirts from the LDC including the Lotus “Back in Blue” shirt.  It’s really rekindled a lot of memories and stirred the muse.  Some punk music on the Sonos and a cigar at my side and things feel right.

So as I’ve done on several occasions over the last decade, I’m declaring that I’m back folks.  Let’s see if these are hollow words or if I follow through 🙂