COVID Diaries Pt. 24

COVID Resurrections

Well, it’s been a couple of months again, just haven’t been all that motivated to write.  A few weeks ago I was going to blog here to catch up on everything, and that was the day Kyle R. was acquitted on all counts in the murder of protesters in Kenosha, WI.

The kid crossed state lines, to defend property that wasn’t his, and obtained an assault rifle that he used.  He killed two people and seriously wounded another, and not a damn thing is going to happen to him.   If you read about the case, it’s pretty much because of the ways the laws are written.  That needs to change.  You shouldn’t be able to go looking for a fight while armed and then claim self-defense when you yourself instigated.  It’s appalling.

So that killed my motivation to write that day and then I let it slide.  Probably should have just put my hands to the keyboard, but hey, at least I’m here now.

Booster shots were approved for pretty much everyone now, so my whole family got ours immediately.  That’s really good news as the latest variant has taken the world by storm.  Omicron is the most recent mutation of the virus and it is way more transmissible than previous variants.  The NFL had to move games again because so many players came down with the virus.  The NHL hit pause on the season, and SNL had to essentially cancel and send almost all of their cast members home due to an outbreak.

All of this is hitting right as we go into the holidays, so it’s not a good trend.

Before Omicron, it almost seemed around here like the virus didn’t exist anymore.  Restaurants and movie theaters were packed, a lot of people weren’t really wearing masks and vaccination rates slowed a lot.   Sports stadiums were full.  Everyone let their guard down, and now hospitals are full again.  Make no mistake, the hospitals are full of people who refused to get vaccinated.  Those folks caught the virus, and that’s how mutations can happen.   Those selfish people are the ones responsible for this spike and responsible for how long this goes on.

Luckily Omicron is mild for people who have been vaccinated, which is good because it is infecting a lot of fully vaccinated people too.  I’m fearful that this recent surge is going to get much worse.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.  The US has already lost 800,000 people to this virus, and I shudder to think what the total can rise to.

The new Spiderman movie made $235 Million at the box office while being in theaters only this past weekend. I’m sure it was just pent-up demand to actually GO to a movie theater, but I imagine it was a major super spreader event now that Omicron is spiking.   Up next, the new Matrix Resurrections movie.  Luckily, I can watch that tonight on HBO Max so I don’t have to leave my house.  That is a much better option for anyone wanting this pandemic to actually, you know, end.

The next month is probably going to be pretty brutal folks, so hunker down, enjoy the holidays with your closest vaccinated family and friends, and please be safe.