Adding to the population

Well, once again, nearly two weeks since my last post. Apologies to myself once again. Well, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, the major thing being the start of the Iraqi War. We started shelling Iraq on the evening of the 17th and began the invasion on the 19th. As of today, it’s still raging strong, and we’re getting closer to Baghdad. I think this will go on awhile unfortunately. My wish is for it to be swift, and to get our troops safe. I thank them for fighting for the freedoms I take for granted every day.

In other news, (not yet released publicly) Jen and I are pregnant with our second child. We’re due somewhere around November, so Kali will have a brother or sister with a birthday near hers. We’re pretty excited, and it didn’t take us long to slip one past the goalie. In other words, my junk works 🙂

Also in the past couple of weeks Jen has redone the kitchen rather nicely. All the cabinets have been painted a deep, rich red color. We got a new refrigerator, and we added some under cabinet lights. It’s really made the room look completely different. And enough to keep us from having to buy new cabinets for at least another couple of years. Also, we got to move the old refrigerator down into the family room. With that, the full bathroom, and high-speed internet service, I never have to come upstairs 🙂

Lastly, Jen and I both read “The Rising” by Brian Keene. Keene is a buddy of Mike Oliveri, and his novel rocks. It’s a whole new take on the zombie horror genre. Great ending that I loved (and Jen hated.) The apocalypse in literature, the apocalypse on TV, and I’m bringing a kid into the world. Hmmmm…