COVID Diaries Pt. 20

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

About another month has passed, but some good things are happening.  100M vaccinations happened in the first 59 days of this presidency.  41 days before promised, and yesterday, we were reaching 3M vaccinations a day.  So, on that front, things are getting much better.  The vaccination process has opened up to more people, and it’s going faster.

The unfortunate thing is that people are starting to act like this is all over, while another surge is quietly happening.

Numbers right now are WORSE than the worst part of last summer.  And they are trending up.  Yet tons of things are opening up, states are removing mask mandates, and people packed places over spring break and Easter.   That’s not exactly how we get numbers to come down, but I guess stupid people are going to continue to be stupid.

Once you are vaccinated, you can now meet in small groups of vaccinated people with little to no risk.  Also, it seems vaccinated people cannot carry the virus to infect others.  That is huge, and it’s going to allow me to see my parents for the first time in 15 months here soon.  I’m also going to have a guy’s weekend here in the Man Cave with some of my best friends a couple weeks after that. 

So yes, some things CAN return to normal, but we still have to be vigilant.  Wear your mask in public, don’t pack places with people, get vaccinated.  All of these things will help us close this thing out quicker.  We just have to be careful for a tad longer.

In other news, things really are back to normal as we’ve had a few mass shootings again.  An Asian hate crime targeting massage therapists in Atlanta, and then a shooting at a grocery store in Colorado.  In both instances, they brought in the killer alive.   I’ll give you a guess as to what skin tone they have.

In another incident, a man drove his car into a barrier at the Capitol, killing an officer, and was then shot dead as he brandished a knife.  I have no problem with that show of force from Capitol officers, especially given the recent insurrection. 

When I wanted things to go back to normal, this is not what I meant.

Next you have Matt Gaetz aka Pervy McForehead, a far-right Congressman.  He has been under investigation since the previous administration for allegedly paying for sex (with Apple Pay and other online systems) and taking a 17 year-old girl across state lines, which is sex trafficking.  This asshole should go away for a long time.  Maybe the Q cult should focus their attention on where the real pedophiles are lurking.

And speaking of assholes, the officer who knelt on Geroge Floyd’s neck and killed him is currently on trial.  The testimony has been heartbreaking.  Even the Chief of Police testified against him.  He needs to be found guilty.  If he isn’t, protests are going to explode around this country.  I’m not looking forward to the state of the country if that happens.  How anyone could ever watch that video and not convict him is beyond me.  Let us hope that justice prevails.

In the meantime, let’s keep ramping up the vaccinations, keep wearing the masks, and don’t rush back into unsafe conditions.  We are so close to finally getting through this, let’s not fuck that up now.