New Levels of Music Industry Idiocy

Okay, I know I’ve been ranting about copy protection and the music industry and the like, but the story here is just insane. In a nutshell, there is a company that creates CD copy protection called SunnComm. They’ve been contracted to put this copy protection software on audio CDs.  Well they did and released it with much fanfare.  Well, a Princeton student figured out that you can disable the protection simply by disabling Auto-Run on Windows.  So, if you simply hold down the shift key while inserting the CD, no copy protection is installed.

So first off, the company are a bunch of idiots for designing a scheme that is so incredibly broken.  Secondly, they are now going to SUE the student that figured this out.  They are invoking the DCMA.  They are suing the kid because he was smart enough to hold down SHIFT and tell people about it. The company should be ashamed.

This just goes to show how technology will never put this genie back in the bottle, and how evil the companies trying to stuff it in there are…