RIP Stormy 2000-2008

Earlier this week, we had to put down our cat Stormy. She had a growth in her stomach that was preventing her from eating. She was throwing up a lot, and the doctors believed it was cancerous based on the tests.

This is the third family pet that we’ve lost since the end of October. We lost Fridge back then, then Shadow, and now Stormy. All that we have left is Peanut.

Stormy was a typical cat. She ruled the roost, and you couldn’t keep her off of anything (especially me.) If you look at the set of photos, you’ll see that she was on top of, and into, everything. Nothing you could do could dissuade her. And, to a point, that stubbornness made me love her all the more.

And yes, the stubbornness made her a real bitch at times. If she didn’t like someone, she made it known. She would howl and hiss and be generally annoying, but the rather humorous thing would be that she would plop down right in the person’s way and not move for anything. You would think that if she didn’t like something she might run away, but oh no, not Stormy. This was her house damnit, and she wasn’t going anywhere.

Jen said she was like that when she left us too. Stormy apparently hated the nurse at our vet. And hissed and howled her way into the next life, and somehow that was very appropriate.

Goodbye Stormy. We loved you, and I’ll miss you every time I sit down on the couch. XBox and TV won’t be the same.