COVID Diaries Pt. 3

I Can't Breathe

Here we are again.  Police abusing power to murder multiple people. Racists killing a black jogger, A Karen calling the cops on a fucking birdwatcher. 

All of these things in short succession during the pandemic finally ignited the powder keg again, and there have been protests all over the country, there have been riots, and Minneapolis has burned. 

Some privileged white fucks still don’t get it.  Let me point you to my post about the Black Lives Matter movement from nearly four years ago.  Things haven’t gotten better, they have gotten progressively worse.

Part of this stems from the White House.  Stephen Miller is one of the president’s top aides and is, by all accounts, a white supremacist.  He’s been feeding the president his talking points and lies for some time.  Charlottesville was 100% a white supremacist rally a couple years ago, and he called them “good people.”   The orange fuck’s own racism has emboldened his followers to crawl out from under their rocks and be openly racist.

We have seen nothing at all change in these four years other than racism has gotten worse.

And don’t feed me your bullshit about people losing credibility because of riots. Riots seem to be the only mechanism for people to actually get their point across.  They have tried peacefully protesting, they tried taking a knee during the national anthem.   Now a cop took a knee on the neck of an unarmed black man for over 8 minutes, two of those being after he was unresponsive.  He told them he couldn’t breathe, he called for his mother, yet this disgrace of a human being murdered this man, and his police colleagues did nothing to stop him.

Once again, all police are not like this, the vast majority are not. But those four should burn for what they allowed to happen.  Accountability.  That is what is needed.  Police need to stop just getting away with this wanton murder of black and other minority communities.

Then in the wake of protests (before they turned into riots) police used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.  Where were those when the white people, armed to the teeth, were at the Michigan capital?  Imagine if the entire BLM protest group showed up armed.  There would be slaughter of those protesters because of their skin color.

A CNN crew was arrested live on air for reporting.  The person they arrested, a black cameraman.

Another crew from an NBC affiliate were shot with pepper bullets for simply capturing the news, which is their fucking job.  It’s not like the cop with the pepper gun didn’t know, he shot a fucking cameraman with a huge rig on his shoulder.  That cop should never work again either.

And if you don’t believe in white privilege, fuck you.   Seriously, go fuck right off.  My 16 year old has been going jogging through neighborhoods during the pandemic to get out of the house.  She doesn’t have to worry about two rednecks murdering her for that.  Me and my wife and my daughters don’t have to worry about being pulled over by the cops and then being murdered.  We can wear hoodies without being perceived as menacing.   And we don’t have to worry about a cop kneeling on our necks and killing us.  If you are a person of color, particularly black, you do.  You worry about that every day of your fucking life.  No one should.

Let’s give you another fine example.  These past couple of weeks a white University of Connecticut student murdered two people and went on the run.  There was a huge manhunt and when they caught him, he wasn’t harmed in any way.  This was a FUCKING MURDERER.  He was captured, no injuries, because he was white.  If he were black, that would not have happened.  This echoes my post from 4 years ago where a terrorist white male who shot up an abortion clinic and MURDERED a police officer was also captured without incident.   Holy Shit, if the guy murders one of your own colleagues and you still bring him in unharmed, you can’t say it would be the same if the suspect was black.

The suspect in Minneapolis? He was accused of passing off a fake $20 bill.

So, for fuck’s sake, POLICE NEED TO STOP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE.  And when they do, they need to be held accountable.   At least the cop in Minneapolis is arrested and charged with murder.  Not sure why the other three still walk free as they were definitely accessories to that crime, but it’s a start.  When you start holding cops and racists accountable, every time, maybe this shit will stop.  The guys that murdered the jogger walked free for months until the video surfaced.  We shouldn’t need video evidence for this.   And it’s been seen that even when there IS that evidence, cops get off.  That cannot happen any longer.

I’m very proud that my daughter and wife are currently at a protest in the suburbs of Chicago.  I should be there too, but sadly my paranoia over the virus is keeping me at home, so to everyone risking their very lives out there to decry this systemic injustice, I thank you, and I am with you.