2022 Music Top Albums

The Year of Angry, Defiant and Depressing Music

2022 was a rough year, and with it I listened to a lot of angry and rather depressing music.  That said, music has always been my emotional outlet, and these albums helped me “keep fucking going” in 2022.  Metalcore factored in heavily, with insanely good albums from I Prevail, Architects, Silverstein, Sleeping with Sirens and Motionless in White.  I still listened to some great pop punk with Sueco, Papa Roach, Stand Atlantic, Magnolia Park and State Champs.  Mix in some emo and whatever Jeris Johnson is and that rounded out the majority of my listening.

Avril Lavigne had a resurgence with a really fantastic pop punk album and Demi Lovato moved away from pop to arguably one of the best pop punk albums of the year as well.   Polyphia are a prog rock group who have some of the most intricate guitar work I’ve ever heard and they were so vibey for upbeat background music for working and writing.

Dermot Kennedy and Tyrone Wells had great adult alternative albums, Machine Gun Kelly had another punk album and I really liked about half the album.  Then Jack White blew me away with Fear of the Dawn which I can only describe as “sounds like Jack White” as he’s pretty much a genre unto himself.  Hell even 80’s glam metal band Skid Row got a new singer and put out an excellent album of rock (if still a bit dated.)

Music is my lifeline, and I now have my perfect listening environment in my home theater.  I’ve spent countless hours sitting in the Dolby Atmos sweet spot just letting the music wash over me.  Some of these albums had such good multi-channel mixes too.  I’m experiencing this music on a whole new level.  I’ve finally reached a childhood goal.  That was definitely a positive for the year.

Here’s to as much good music in 2023, and maybe a little more uplifting.  If you want to check out the best songs from my favorite new releases of the year, you can check it out here on Apple Music.

  • I Prevail – True Power
  • Architects – The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit
  • Sueco – It Was Fun While it Lasted
  • Sleeping With Sirens – Complete Collapse
  • Silverstein – Misery Made Me
  • Jack White – Fear of the Dawn
  • Papa Roach – Ego Trip
  • The Wonder Years – The Hum Goes On Forever
  • Jeris Johnson – I wan BLOOD/I want love
  • Polyphia – Remember That You Will Die
  • Magnolia Park – Heart Eater EP
  • State Champs – Kings of the New Age
  • Stand Atlantic – f.e.a.r.
  • Palaye Royale – Fever Dream
  • Motionless in White – Scoring The End of the World
  • Avril Lavigne – Love Sux

Honorable Mention: Demi Lovato, Dermot Kennedy, Electric Callboy, Tyrone Wells, Machine Gun Kelly