Park Avenue leads to Skid Row

We are the Youth (?) Gone Wild

Once again, it’s been a bit. Not sure if I can still call this a blog if I’m only posting a couple of times a year. But hey, I felt like writing, so here we are.

It’s been a good year so far. Went on my first cruise and loved it, had a nice Vegas trip, made it to a quick family reunion, and also got to see a pretty amazing concert.

One of my longtime favorite bands is Skid Row. Recently their lead singer had to quit the band due to his health. The band had four dates booked that they had to fulfill, so they needed someone to fill in on lead vocals. I don’t think they could have found anyone better for the role than one Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.

It was at a ballroom in a small casino in Riverside, Iowa. I made the trip with a couple of my good friends and got to enjoy one hell of a concert. If you want to see how insane Lzzy is, and how good she sounds as the voice of Skid Row, check out one of my favorite Skid Row songs of all time, Quicksand Jesus.

After the pandemic, I had convinced myself that I didn’t need to see live music. I was wrong.

Speaking of the pandemic, after that Vegas trip, we caught COVID for the second time.  It was worse this time around and it was a pretty miserable couple of weeks isolating.    Hopefully this means I am good for awhile. 

As for here, I have some ideas of things I want to discuss.  I look forward to getting the creative juices flowing again.  For now, I’ll just get back to listening to the new Bring Me The Horizon album non-stop.  You should probably do that too.