COVID Diaries Pt. 16

We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in

Well, it’s been around five weeks since I last checked in, and this entire time 45 has been lying about the election being stolen.  His team has lost over 50 lawsuits including stuff that the Supreme Court nipped in the bud as well.  Mobs have gathered outside electors’ homes, there have been countless “Stop the Steal” rallies while Texas even sued other states to overturn their results.

The number of people trying to overturn a fair democratic election is terrifying to say the least.  That said, we passed another milestone in the last few days where the electoral college officially certified the results.  It took until now for many Republicans to acknowledge Biden as President Elect.  Seriously, we knew at the time of my last post that Biden was our next president, yet here we are, finally getting some (but not all) to admit the rightful outcome over a month later.

Rudy Giuliani continued his unhinged attacks. In one case, he had a seemingly drunk psychotic “witness” for one of his coup attempts.  He farted audibly on camera, had his hair dye run down the side of his face, lost every court case, and wrapped it up in a neat little bow by contracting COVID.  Who could have imagined that not wearing masks and meeting so closely together could cause you to catch the virus?  Imagine my shocked face.

There still hasn’t been a second round of stimulus despite the House having passed more all the way back in May.  People are suffering and it’s not good.  Apparently both sides are close to some more which include $300 a week additional unemployment benefits and $600 checks to most Americans.  It’s not nearly enough, but McConnell doesn’t care about you at all.  Quite frankly, the ONLY reason he’s doing it right now is to hopefully help the Senate races in Georgia.  If both Democrats win, then they control the house, and McConnell really doesn’t want that to happen.

Recently someone tried to claim unemployment as me.  My work and I caught it and let the state know it was fraud, but before it was all resolved I got the paperwork in the mail that showed me what unemployment would pay out for me normally.  It was just enough to cover my mortgage, nothing more.   That $300 will be a huge lifeline for a lot of people but would be much better if it went back to $600.  That won’t happen although the rich still get their PPP grants.  I mean Tom Brady’s company got one, and he even got to buy a yacht this year.  Good for him, I knew he was struggling.

The other news of the day is that vaccines are starting to roll out.  Doses are going to be given to front line healthcare workers and then nursing homes.  After that, we’ll see how it goes.  It couldn’t happen soon enough because our numbers are the highest they’ve ever been.  More people have been dying daily in the last week than the total number lost on 9/11.   Yet, people still bitch about masks, still say they have to dine indoors, etc. etc. selfish bullshit etc.

It will likely be the summer before your average citizen will be able to get the vaccine, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  45 is gone on January 20th too, so another great light to be looking forward to.

Just hope these lights aren’t freight trains…