COVID Diaries Pt. 14


Last week I turned 50 years old.  A shitty milestone to hit during a 50buttonpandemic for sure.  Didn’t really celebrate much, when if it were any other year, we would have been enjoying Las Vegas.  This year, I did one thing on my birthday that mattered most: I voted.

Turing 50 isn’t really a big deal to me.  I don’t feel any different, while simultaneously feeling the oldest I’ve ever felt.  That’s due to the world, not turning 50. 

So, what has the world thrown at us since the last post?   The second presidential debate for one.  A mute button was at the ready, so things were much more civil, but still the lies were repeated over and over by 45.  It was pretty standard fare, which is a travesty for this country.

Trump also held a rally where his supporters were stranded in sub-zero temperatures and several had to be treated at the scene for hypothermia.  Then after that, he had a Florida rally that was too hot, and supporters fainted.  In both instances, there was nothing from 45.  He literally does not care about his supporters.  He NEEDS them to stay in power, he does NOT care about them at all. The fact that they cannot see that even when it happens to them in person just scares me about the cult of personality surrounding this man.

The one thing that gives me hope is the amount of people who have early voted.  More people have voted in Texas early than voted for the entire 2016 election.  I hope this means people are mobilized and hellbent on getting this guy out of office, but I’m afraid that he can still win.

There are only a couple more days until the election, so I guess we’ll know soon.  But whether he wins or loses, the US is going to be a shit show until January.  I’m really frightened at how bad it might get.

The virus numbers are through the roof everywhere right now, and restaurants even in my town are defying orders to not have indoor dining, and idiots are applauding them.  Me, I’ll never set foot in their establishments again.  Many people will though, and the numbers are going to be insane this winter.

This is going to cause more hardships for people, more job loss, more businesses going under, and the Senate adjourned until after the election without helping out the average American.

Why you ask?  Well they got what they wanted out of 45, they got another Supreme Court justice as Barrett was confirmed.   The only Supreme Court justice to not have at least one vote from the opposing party in history.  She’s not qualified enough, and she’s has an extreme religious background that will sway her views.  They jammed her through, after an election already started, to stack the court in their favor.  It doesn’t bode well for lawsuits about the election results, Roe v. Wade, gay marriage, and the Affordable Care Act.  All of these things are now at risk.

So yeah, the world will definitely change next Tuesday.  Let’s hope it’s for the better.