How did 2018 work out?

Top Nine Instagram Photos of 2018

2018 Top Nine

Top Nine Instagram Photos of 2018

Okay, so how did I do on my resolutions from last year, let’s take a look shall we?

Continue Health Trends

Well I did maintain weight, but I want to go lower, and exercising was an abject failure. I really need to correct that.


I did pretty well on this one. Read several books, graphic novels and listened to several really good audiobooks. I can still do more though.

Music Focus

I didn’t do any reviews, or come up with a Top 10 releases, but I will mention that I really loved the album Palms by Thrice and the latest from Twenty One Pilots, Trench. I did create a ton of playlists and listened to more music in the car and fewer podcasts.


Didn’t do much here other than cleaning up my stored photos in several locations, and playing with some new software. I really need to get back into it. Although my food photography on the app Eaten has me rated top 100 in the world. So there’s that I guess.


I cleaned up my Twitter lists, streamlined the wardrobe, cleaned up and deleted old unnecessary photos so I did some decent stuff. I can always clean up more.

2018 was another tough year politically, and it probably didn’t help that I read several books about the chaos surrounding 45. That said, we got through it, and several good things did happen. Let’s hope 2019 shines bright.