New Year, Who Dis?

Follow Your Dreams Douchebag

As I do every year, I try to make some resolutions to better myself in the upcoming year.  This year is no different in that regard, but some of my goals will be a little more specific.  Let’s see how that change of tactic goes.

Continue the Health Trends

I want to maintain the current weight, or lose some more.  I’ll continue counting the calories, but I will also endeavor to work out once a week.  I know, mind-blowing right?  Since I never exercise, this will at least be a start.


I don’t read a lot of books generally. I spend some time every day keeping up on a vast list of blogs and news sites through my feedreader, so I do read a LOT, just not generally novels.  So, this year I endeavor to read one book or graphic novel a month.  I’ll also count listening to a book via Audible.

Keep up with Photography

I will try to spend at least one hour a week on photography related things.  Whether it is culling the library, keywording and tagging, picking out prints for the house, learning Photoshop and Lightroom tricks, developing with new tools, or simply TAKING photos, I want to make sure to do something photo related for at least one hour a week.

Focus on music

The most tangible thing is that I want to create one playlist a month in my Apple Music subscription.  It could be based around moods, or genres, or my favorite songs by an artist, but I want to hand curate some playlists that I will enjoy listening to and sharing with others.  I may try to write more reviews this year, and at least share with folks new music I’m finding that I really enjoy.  Maybe I can even come up with a Top Ten list of albums at the end of the year.  We’ll see.

De-clutter even further

I have some stuff to still clean up in the Man Cave as well as my office, so I want to finish up both of those.  I also want to take all the old DVD and Blu Rays and alphabetize and catalog them like I did with music this past year.  I’ll also continue to donate old clothes and streamline my wardrobe.

2017 was a rough year in the world, and with all of the negativity out there I’m simply going to try to do things that make myself and my family happy.  If that means blocking some trolls or taking breaks from social media and the like, so be it.  But I’m going to concentrate of removing negativity and replacing it with positive things.  Let’s hope I’m successful.