Resolutions 2017 Edition

I know it’s already the middle of January, but I’ve just not been able to gear up to write this like every year.  I imagine it’s because I’m kind of afraid of where 2017 will take us.  Well enough with my lethargy, it’s time to stand up and get to work damnit.

So here we go:

Create instead of just Consume

I need to be more creative to be fulfilled.  So this year I’m going create more.  Write longer pieces, write poetry/song lyrics, blog, take pictures, make music, code.  A little less consumption, a little more creation.

Declutter and Organize More

I have more things to clean up at home.  Clothes to get rid of, closets to clear out, photos to tag, all of my old CD’s to sort.  I also want to do more to organize my day to day life.  I’m going to put what’s going on into To Do lists so I can more easily remember everything I need to take care of. The more I can declutter, the better I feel.

Concentrate on Health

This past year had my mother fight and beat cancer, and my Dad dealt with back issues that resulted in spinal surgery.  Take that and all of our childhood idols dying and it’s made it very clear to me that I need to get more healthy.  I know I say it almost every year, but damnit I need to make it a reality.

Be Vigilant

I believe in empathy for all humans.  I’m against racism, misogyny, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ sentiments and anything else people do to make others feel small.  I’m a straight middle-class white male.  A lot of the hate and the vitriol in the world isn’t directed my way. It’s definitely a place of privilege.  So if I see things in real life that go against my firm belief that we are all equal, I’m going to speak up for those being attacked or belittled.  I’ll do this in real life, at work, in the store, on the plane, at the restaurant and anywhere else I happen to be where I see crap like this taking place.  We all have to stand up to this kind of hatred, wherever we see it.

Pick My Battles Online

I know it kind of goes against what I posted about being vigilant, but I need to do much better at picking my battles online.  You see, this last year I got into a lot of debates online, and spent a lot of time debunking stories that just weren’t true.  And for some people, no matter how much I cited facts, they still believed the false news.  So screw it, I’m basically unfollowing (not unfriending) people for whom you simply can’t have a debate around facts.  I do have conservative friends with whom I can debate, and I’ll continue my efforts around those conversations.  To the other folks who post nothing but articles that have been proven false, I’m not wasting my time.  You only believe the world view you wish to believe, and won’t be swayed. You aren’t worth my time any longer.

I think it’s going to be a rough year, but I certainly hope I’m wrong.  Either way, I have things to work on.