2012 Post-Mortem

As is tradition in these here parts, it’s time to reflect on last year’s resolutions.  A couple of them I did pretty well on, a couple, not so much.

Eat slightly less – Exercise slightly more.  This one was a pretty excellent success.  I was in a team based Biggest Loser contest where my team placed second (out of over ten teams) and I lost the most weight based on percentage and won the individual weight loss challenge.

We had a second individual contest over the months leading up to the recent holidays and out of 25 people I finished fourth.

I’ve just concentrated on keeping calorie counts down. I’ve really limited liquid intake to water and coffee (and whiskey of course) and I’ve tried using technology to my advantage with my FitBit and my Withings WiFi scale.

I haven’t exercised nearly as much however, so that will be a bigger focus in the upcoming year.

Watch Less TV. I passed this one with flying colors.  My wife and I watch some shows pretty religiously (The Walking Dead, Fringe, Revolution) but I’ve really cut back, and would like to cut back even more.

Take more photographs. #failedmiserably, unless you count gymnastics meets, then by all means I’ve taken more 🙂

Be slower to anger. I did pretty well on this for awhile, but the last couple months have not been good for this resolution. I need to really get back into that mentality.

Be quicker to forgive. Even though I haven’t done as well not to get angry, I do think I carry that anger with me for shorter periods of time. Anger isn’t good for you, and you really do need to try to “let go.”

Hug more. Huge success. I’ve always been a hugger, and I’ve made it a point to be even more so this year, and it’s been wonderful. Hugs do a body good!

So in all, it was a pretty decent year for my resolutions. I think making them a little less specific helped a bit, and I had the wherewithal to actually stick to them. Looking forward to what 2013 brings.

So how about you all, how did your resolutions turn out?