Why I support #suckforluck

I’ve been a hard core Miami Dolphin fan all of my life.  Much of my youth was spent watching a consistently good Phins team make the playoffs year after year.  My man cave is adorned in aqua and orange, I have tons of signed Dolphin memorabilia, I listen to (or watch) every game every weekend.  If the Dolphins lost on Sunday it used to ruin the start of my week.

Not any longer.

You see, since the retirement of Dan Marino (where the organization basically forced him out) this team has been nothing but a middle of the road team year after year.  In fact, look at these links:

Miami Dolphin QB’s Since Dan Marino
Coaches Since Don Shula

So yes, SEVENTEEN QB’s and SIX coaches in 12 seasons.  How pathetic is that? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.

This organization has now pretty much sucked for a long long time.  And as of today, the team is now 0-7. We suck, plain and simple, and despite that, I still watch or listen to every game.  It just doesn’t bother me when we lose any more.

Part of it simply because I realized that I should “let go” of the fanaticism that comes with being a football fan.  The other is the prospect of landing Andrew Luck as our QB of the future in the upcoming draft.

Andrew Luck is regarded as the best QB to come out of college since Peyton Manning.  He’s the type of player you can build a team around.  It’s become increasingly clear that to win in this league, you need an elite QB.  Someone who can lead your team to victory.  Luck is that type of QB.

So now, there are many Dolphin fans that are all on board the Suck for Luck train.  They want us to suck so bad that we get the first pick in the draft and we can draft Andrew.  It goes against everything a fan should want, but at 0-7 I’m firmly ensconced on that train.

I don’t want another semi-shitty middle-of-the-road season that allows us to draft some kid with a “good motor,” I want a leader.  A killer of a QB. I want Andrew Luck.

Wouldn’t it be a fitting if we could draft Luck in the 13th draft after we forced out Dan Marino?  I think so.  Let the misery end, let us rebuild.  All hail #suck4luck.