We are the Champions, my friends.

A couple of weeks ago, IBM announced their Champions for IBM Collaboration Solutions. IBM defines a ‘Champion’ as the following:

An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others to help them make best use of IBM solutions and services.

It seems like a broad description, but the Champions really are the best of the best in the IBM Lotus community. These people have contributed so much to help others across the world learn, use, implement and enjoy IBM Collaboration technologies. When it came time for nominations, only 50 Champions would be chosen WORLDWIDE. Yes, they were going to pick out the top 50 community leaders and contributors across the globe and recognize their efforts.

I was thrilled and extremely proud that two of my employees, Declan Lynch and David Leedy, were named as part of that illustrious group of Champions. Those two definitely belong in that list, and I am thankful and humbled that they help make my life at work easier every single day. We’re doing really exciting work right now, and I sleep so much better at night knowing that they are part of the effort. Thank you guys for being such great teammates and so good to the community as well!

In addition, I do have to say that a vast majority of those Champions have touched my Lotus life in various ways. The list of folks is quite awesome and so very deserving of the award. Congrats to all of you and thank you for your tireless efforts in the community. It really is appreciated.