My Lotusphere 2011 Photo Album

A gloomy goodbye

Finally got around to developing all of my RAW files so I could post my Lotusphere 2011 photo album on flickr. If you’ve never seen any of my Lotusphere shots, you can see a collection of the last 8 years of Lotusphere pics here.

I shot with a new camera (the awesome Canon 7D) this year, and tried to adjust everything manually. I also only brought one lens, so I wasn’t AS happy with my photos this year as in year’s past, but I still think things turned out pretty well. You’ll find pictures intermixed that I took with my iPhone and posted via the app too. I’m loving the app, and I hope you like the little glimpses of my days throughout.

Lastly, you can find a ton of Lotusphere pics via the unofficial flickr group as well. Hope you had a great time, and hope I captured some good moments for you!