Letting Go

New InkOver the past year or so, I’ve been trying really hard to not let little things bother me. Part of that whole mentality came about with my epiphany post after a rather tumultuous summer.

Since then, life has been much better. That said, that doesn’t mean everything is roses all the time, far from it. I’ve had some really trying weeks where it became increasingly more difficult to just “let go” of the small stuff. Add to that the fact that I’m ending my thirties at the end of this week, and I’ve been a little more grumpy than I need to be. So I decided to remind myself to let go by getting it inked into my body.

The picture you see at the upper right translates to “Let Go” or to some folks as “Forget it.” This is what I need to continue to do. I need to let go of all of the crap I cannot change, and forget about the poison people and things that just bring you down. Getting rid of those bad influences make me a much happier person, and make my life a much better thing to live. It’s hard to do sometimes, but now I have a little reminder for when I need it. I’m really looking forward to letting go more often.

I turn 40 later this week, and it’s hit me a lot harder than I imagined it would. That said, one thing that it IS spurring in me, is to get a bunch of meaningful ink. “Let go” was the first of what I hope will be many to come.