Lotusphere OGS Live Blog

Have a killer Lotusphere everyone.  Looks like a "so far, so good" scenario.  πŸ™‚

It’s now done… Alistair finished up.  Vulcan is the future roadmap and seems pretty cool.  Well folks, more info this week as I get it!

Ed has a good description of Project Vulcan over at his blog, Screenshot too: http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/dx/lotusphere-2010-ibm-project-vulcan

This new Project Vulcan is pretty interesting.  The new Notes UI is very Quickr/Connections-esque.  Will be interesting to see if it actually happens…

New Home page in Lotus Notes and brings in information from everywhere… all the social stuff.

Demo again…  Looks like this is an extension and convergence of Cloud based infrastructure around everything…

Four main tenants: Continuity, Convergence, Innovation, New Opportunities

Announcing IBM Project Vulcan – A concept for Lotus that extends current products

Rene Winklemeyer wins OpenNTF award for Best Open Source contribution from individual.  Damnit, would have loved to have seen Declan win.  Congrats to Rene though, his plugin rocks

Best in Show is iEnterprises…  NEC wins CTO Award as does Group, and Genus technologies

It’s nice to see partners, but how about some diversity though… geez… A nice group of white men in suits πŸ™‚

Now Jim Deters from Ascendant speaking

Now a gentleman from GoPro, not even going to try to spell his name… πŸ™‚

Sorry about the formatting, it should be fixed now πŸ™‚

Now Jeorg Ott from Group.  For the unaware, Group was the company that acquired Lotus911 this past year.  One of the biggest, if not the biggest, Notes consulting firms in the world.

Now John Carini talking about CRM from iEnterprises… Heavy investments in mobile.  Can take Notes DB’s to BB and iPhones…

Talking about it now.  OfficeNow! solution.  A Lotus Foundations Server box that connects to the Xerox copiers…

Rick Dastin of Xerox talking about smoking funny stuff in the back.  I am now a Xerox fan.  From what I saw last year from them, they have some AWESOME integration solutions.

Alistair back on stage now… they are brining out chairs to talk with partners… Rick Dastin of Xerox, John Carini of iEnterprises, Jeorg Ott from Group among others…

Wow, really really bad puns now…. Making "connections" finishing "Quickr" hitting high "Notes"

LotusLive Labs available today… Slide Library, Event Maps, and Collaborative Recordied Meetings.  Available for partners to add stuff in Q2

"Innovation at Web Speed."  I like that.

LotusLive Notes Full Notes and Domino with Sametime Instant Messaging support, 5GB quota, 1GB file storage.  In beta with this in spring…

Announcing LotusLive Communities for second half of year.  Basically Connections in the cloud.  Nice addition.

Cloud services integrated with on premisis.  Can connect your local Notes with cloud Meetings etc.  Nice.  Showing a LotusLive sidebar too.  The sidebar is SERIOUSLY rocking…

18 Million users on LotusLive now… really?  Wow…

Integrates with other video conferencing servers too.  Kinda nice…  Multipoint high def video…

Recording to industry standard formats… live video support too.  Auto switching video depending on who is talking…

Demo now.. Sametime Meetings client plug in which is nice.  Showing off Rich Client and Web Client.  Both look pretty good

New meetings with Audio.Video Web 2.0 ready with no download client.  Can integrate much better…  We knew this already.  

Sametime and Sametime Unified Telephony being talked about now

Industry Accelerators for Websphere portal.  Basically they have vertical industry packs that you add to Websphere portal to match up with the industry.  Easy way to get a customer into portal.

Connections Profiles now have recommendations for people you may want to connect to.  Gotta say, Connections is very cool overall… Wish my company was big enough to use it.

Now touting Connections…  They say they have customers in every industry segment now…

8500 NEW Members to OpenNTF in the last year.  Very nice, showing off OpenNTF and widget install of Status Updater…

IQJam screenshot… Woo Hoo for Elguji software!

New partnership with GIST.  New Notes sidebar plugin for external social network stuff.  Looks cool.

Lotus 911 gets a shout out for Bones

Many customers of changed their "Outlook" and "Exchanged" it for Domino – Kevin Cavanaugh πŸ™‚

Traveler Companion does the encrypted email on the iPhone now… sweet.  Wonder if RIM’s pissed?

Announcing LOTUS TRAVELER FOR ANDROID in the first half of this year.  Okay, awesome…  Free encryption app in iPhone app store too!

Pushing a CMIS layer.  A services layer for Quickr that’s supposed to help facilitate connections to Enterprise file stores.  FileNet etc.

You can now integrate a team calendar with personal calendars in Quickr.  Can create standard ICS files now.  AWESOME, and I have to say ABOUT DAMN TIME!

You can now save attachments to Quickr from email and it keeps the email text with .EML files too… very nice

Notes multimedia libraries now for Notes, Quickr and Connections

Business cards now have links to Connections if you have it.  Showed off looking at a contract on Quickr via a BB as well.

Ron Sebastian demoing now…

Alistiar back.  Demo time he says.  Kevin Cavanaugh and Jeff Schick on stage now.

Although I dunno if I would use a failing auto company as a major reference though…  Did government bailout money buy Lotus software licenses?  πŸ™‚

Now Kirk Gutmann from GM drove in in Lotus yellow convertible… Cool.  Nice Corvette… wish it was a Volt though…

Dr Oliver Frohlich from Continental AG on stage now.  They are a leading automotive provider…  Migrated 40,000 people from Exchange to Domino in a matter of weeks…  Nice win

Talking about the largest cloud deployment ever with Panasonic… over 380,000 users… video from Panasonic now…

Shes done, Alistair back…  It was her birthday today, so we got to say Happy Birthday Silvia

I know we need these stories, but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.  It’s YAY Lotus… Guess we need that too but still…

Piloting everything, Quickr, Connectors etc.

Wow, moving from 6.5 to 8.5 now… man big companies move slow on upgrades… yikes

Showing a customer, Silvia Steinmann of Zurich on stage now.  Talking about how she had to decide whether to keep Lotus or not when she came on board, and Lotus was the clear winner.

Yach has decent energy but totally has to read the teleprompter… stumbling over stuff sometimes… always looking down.  Shot and Sweet though, done now, Alistair back.

"Blackberry has always been about taking your desk to your hip."  Talking about BB clients for Connections and Quickr now.  They ARE now available.

Bob passed the torch to Alistair Rennie.  Gonna miss Bob.  Alistair talked for a bit then introduced David Yach from RIM

He said over 5000 pace setters.  So looks like the attendee count is slightly over 5000

Cloud & Hybrid environments also provide that disruption.

Talking about Positive Disruption.  Good things like Symphony for free, embracing standards etc.

Over 18,000 new customers this past year.  Nice

Thanking the community for pushing him, and the fact that they told him Lotus needded a higher profile.  He’s talking about LotusKnows now…

Bob back on stage and introducing everything….

"When do you collaborate, and when are you a horse’s ass?"

"Remakes are great, but they only remind you how good the original was"  NICE!

"Singing and talking are basically the same thing"  *snicker*

Opening speaker is William Shatner!!!!!  I win!  πŸ™‚

Bob Picciano on stage starting it out…

Now full band… they are rocking out man…. love this…

Opening dual rock violinists to start.  WAY COOL…  

Alright folks, I will be live blogging the Opening General Session here in about 10 minutes.  Follow along as the site will update approximately every 3 minutes!